Gold & Silver Assay and Jewelry​​

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Locally Owned & Operated Since 2008

  1. We sell estate gold and sterling jewelry as well as new sterling items.
  2. Earrings in Gold & SIlver
  3. Necklaces, Pendants & Pins
  4. Necklaces, Pendants & Pins
  5. Hand made Scarves & Purses
    Handmade Scarves & Purses
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Coins / Bullion
Estate & New Jewelry

We Purchase and Sell US & Foreign Coins and Bullion at Reasonable Prices

On Unwanted Gold, Silver and Platinum in Any Condition

Jewelry, Coins, Bullion, Flatware & Holloware

We specialize in buying metal to scrap but sometimes we come across pieces so nice we have to resell them. This makes buying beautiful items very affordable.

We are located on 321N between Grace Chapel Rd & MDI.


4996 Hickory Blvd​​
Hickory, NC 28601


Monday - Friday   10 - 5
Saturday                         9 - 3